About Us

Hong Kongese Speak Cantonese originally was only a YouTube channel.  We started the channel in March 2017.  People can learn Cantonese in a proper language awareness and cultural awareness there.  Up to now, we uploaded about 200 videos to the channel.  We have various videos on the channel, including the introduction of Chinese characters, vocabularies, Chinese/Cantonese idioms, Cantonese slangs, stories, culture and grammar.

From August 2018, Hong Kongese Speak Cantonese has another new role.  We started a free, systematic platform of learning Cantonese in this website.  We will categorize and tag the videos and put them on the blog pages.  With the search function of WordPress, you can easily search the materials of what you want.  Other than the videos, we will post some other teaching materials from time to time.  We aim that the website can deepen your interest in learning Cantonese and help you know more about Hong Kong.