Aquatic product

In the previous two posts, we published the topics of sea fish and fresh water fish.  This time we will talk about the names of aquatic product.

You will learn how to say oyster, lobster, cuttlefish and etc in this post.

Again the information is abstracted  from the food database built by the Association For Hong Kong Catering Services Management Ltd.  It categorized the food into different sorts – sea fish, meat, vegetable and etc.

There are no related photos in this post, but you can find the photos by clicking the Chinese characters which are linked to the database.

Aquatic product 水 產 seoi2   caan2
Oyster hou4
Thorny oyster 車蠔/紅螺 ce1 hou4 / hung4 lo2
Abalone 鮮鮑 sin1 baau1
Giant Conch, Conch 響螺 hoeng2 lo2
Babylon shell 東風螺 dung1 fung1 lo2
Blood-mouthed stromb 跳螺 tiu3 lo2
Scallop 帶子 daai3 zi2
Freshwater clam hin2
Venus clam, Hard clam, Filipino Venus 花蛤 faa1 gaap3
Fan Scallops 扇貝 sin3 bui3
Mussel 青口 ceng1 hau2
Razor Clam 蟶子 cing1 zi2
Short necked clam 貴妃蚌 gwai3 fei1 pong5
Geoduck 象拔蚌 zoeng6 bat6 pong5
Squid 魷魚 jau4 jyu2
Cuttlefish 墨魚 mak6 jyu4
Jinga Shrimp 基圍蝦 gei1 wai4 haa1
Striped prawn 花蝦 faa1 haa1
Giant tiger prawn 大虎蝦 daai6 fu2 haa1
King Prawn 大蝦 daai6 haa1
Mantis Shrimp 瀨尿蝦 laai6 niu6 haa1
Bay Lobster, Baylobster 琵琶蝦 pei4 paa4 haa1
Coral Lobster, Tropical Rock Lobster 花龍蝦 faa1 lung4 haa1
Green Lobster 杉龍蝦 caam3 lung4 haa1
White-Spotted Lobster 珍珠龍蝦 zan1 zyu1 lung4 haa1
Australia Lobster 澳洲龍蝦 ou3 zau1 lung4 haa1
Blue Crab, Flower Crab, Blue Swimmer Crab 花蟹 faa1 haai5
Coral Crab 紅蟹 hung4 haai5
Three-spotted Crab 三點蟹 saam1 dim2 haai5
Mud Crab(Male) 肉蟹 juk6 haai5
Mud Crab (Female) 膏蟹 gou1 haai5
Mud Crab (Female) 黃油蟹 wong4 jau4 haai5
Alaska King Crab、Red King Crab 亞拉斯加長腳蟹 ngaa3 laai1 si1 gaa1 coeng4 goek3 haai5
Chinese Mitten Crab, Hairy-fisted Crab 大閘蟹 daai6 zaap6 haai5


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