Basic strokes of Chinese Character 中文字基本筆劃

Writing a Chinese character is like drawing a picture.  Learning the basic strokes is the first step of writing Chinese characters.   The character 永 consists of the basic eight strokes.  If you can write it in a correct way, you will draw a good picture of Chinese character.

Basic Strokes 永

Most of the Characters have their own stories behind.  How to form?  How to pronounce?  If you look into each character, you may find something interesting.  There are six ways of Chinese character formation (we call it “Six writing” 六書 luk6 syu1) .  The most basic forming way is in Pictograms form, for example sun 日, moon 月, river 川….. .  Actually I would like to make a video on “How to form Chinese characters” a year ago, but I found it might be too difficult to me to explain and the new language learners might feel too hard to understand too.  If you are interested in this topic, you can go to this page “Chinese character classification” to investigate.

You can learn how to write the basic strokes of Chinese characters here.



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