Cantonese “Nine” Tones 廣東話九聲調

The most common used Cantonese pronunciation system is jyutping 粵語拼音, for it does not only give you the sound, but also give the tone.  In tonal languages, different tones of a sound can make a great difference of meaning.  For example, 媽 (maa1) and 嫲 (maa4) mean mother and grandmother respectively.  If you can’t speak it in right tone, it will become a joke!  There is a shortcut to master the “Nine Tones”.  You can practice the numbers (3-9-4-0-5-2-7-8-6).  The sequence the above order is exactly from Tone 1 to Tone 9.   Try it and you will get the feeling.

* when we say 媽媽 (mother) in Cantonese, we sometimes pronounce it maa4 maa1.

“Nine Tones” in Cantonese – 粵語九聲調

Exercise 1 of Nine “Tones” in Cantonese – 粵語九聲調練習 1

Exercise 2 of Nine “Tones” in Cantonese – 粵語九聲調練習 2


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