Food 食物

Hong Kong is not only a shopping paradise, but also a food paradise.  You can find different cuisines in Hong Kong.

  • Cantonese cuisine 廣東菜 – gwong2 dung1 coi3
  • Shanghaiese cuisine 上海菜 – soeng6 hoi2 coi3
  • Pekingese cuisine 北京菜 – bak1 ging1 coi3
  • Sichuanese cuisine 四川菜 – sei3 cyun1 coi3
  • ….
  • Japanese cuisine 日本菜 – jat6 bun2 coi3
  • Korean cuisine 韓國菜 – hon4 gwok3 coi3
  • Vietnamese cuisine 越南菜 jyut6 naam4 coi3
  • Thai cuisine 泰國菜 taai3 gwok3 coi3
  • French cuisine 法國菜 – faat3 gwok3 coi3
  • Italian cuisine 意大利菜 – ji3 daai6 lei6 coi3
  • ….

You can even have buffet in a nice hotel.Food - Buffet

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Wet Market 街市

Wet market is one of the attractive to the foreigners.  They may be very interested in how people kill chicken, how to cut pork and beef into pieces (so bloody…).  For us, it is our food centre.  We can shop fresh foods there.  Before buying, we always look around to check which shop’s food is cheaper and fresher.  Sometimes we can even ask for cheaper.

Nowadays, there are many supermarkets in Hong Kong.  Maybe some days later, supermarkets will totally replace wet markets.  I hope I will not see of it in the rest of my life.  I love wet market! Continue reading “Wet Market 街市”


Yum Cha 飲茶

Yum Cha (飲茶 jam2 caa4) is a traditional Cantonese culture.  In the old days, people got up and would go to Cantonese restaurant 茶樓, having their breakfasts (we call it 飲早茶 – drink morning tea).  Surely 飲茶 is not only drinking tea, but also have (Cantonese 廣東) dim sum 點心.  Nowadays, we have more choices for breakfast (e.g. McDonalds) in Hong Kong.  However, 飲茶 is still a good option for the people who want to be relaxed. Continue reading “Yum Cha 飲茶”