Chinese Character (Adjective 形容詞)

Adjectives are words that describe the qualities or states of being of nouns: enormous, doglike, silly, yellow, fun, fast.  They can also describe the quantity of nouns: many, few, millions.  Without adjectives, the world becomes colourless or even full of darkness.  Learning adjective of a new language can help you see the deeper side of the culture.

Adjective Series

Figure (Fat …) 高矮低肥瘦

Please use the above adjectives carefully and don’t use the adjectives “高矮肥瘦” to comment ladies, but use 靚 ( leng3,  it is a Cantonese word, meaning beautiful),  苗條 (miu5 tiu5, Cantonese too, it means slim).

Dimension (long …) 長短闊窄

Age (old …) 新舊古老

Price (Expensive … ) 多少平貴

Temperature (Hot …) 寒冷凍涼熱暖

Colour 顏色 is also adjectives.


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