Domestic fowl

We finished how to say fish and aquatic product in Cantonese in the last few posts.  This time we will talk about the names of domestic fowl.

In Chinese culture, we don’t only eat the meat of domestic fowl and livestock, but also eat their internal organs, like liver.  You will also learn how to say the different parts of the body in Cantonese.

The information is abstracted  from the food database built by the Association For Hong Kong Catering Services Management Ltd.  It categorized the food into different sorts – sea fish, meat, vegetable and etc.

There are no related photos in this post, but you can find the photos by clicking the Chinese characters which are linked to the database.

Domestic fowl 家 禽 gaa1   kam4
Chicken(whole) gai1
Chicken breast 雞胸 gai1 hung1
Chicken wing 雞翼 gai1 jik6
Drumstick 雞鎚 gai1 ceoi2
Chicken leg 雞髀 gai1 bei2
Chicken paw 雞腳/鳳爪 gai1 goek3 / fung6 zaau2
Chicken liver 雞肝/雞潤 gai1 gon1 / gai1 jeon2
Chicken heart 雞心 gai1 sam1
Chicken intestine 雞腸 gai1 coeng2
Chicken gizzard 雞腎 gai1 san2
Duck(whole) ngaap3
Duck breast 鴨胸 ngaap3 hung1
Duck wing 鴨翼 ngaap3 jik6
Duck foot 鴨掌 ngaap3 zoeng2
Duck Tongue 鴨舌 ngaap3 sit3
Duck gizzard 鴨腎 ngaap3 san2
Goose ngo4
Goose breast 鵝胸 ngo4 hung1
Goose wing 鵝翼 ngo4 jik6
Goose gizzard 鵝腎 ngo4 san2
Goose feet 鵝掌 ngo4 zoeng2
Goose liver 鵝肝 ngo4 gon1
Pigeon 鴿 gap3
Common quail 鵪鶉 am1 ceon1
Partridge 鷓鴣 ze3 gu1
Turkey 火雞 fo2 gai1
Turkey Gizzard 火雞腎 fo2 gai1 san2
Tai On Chicken 泰安雞 taai3 ngon1 gai1
Honbo Chicken 康保雞 hong1 bou2 gai1
Lung Guang Chicken 龍崗雞 lung4 gong1 gai1
Yellow Hair Chicken 三黃雞 saam1 wong4 gai1
Silky fowl 竹絲雞 zuk1 si1 gai1
Qing Yuan Chicken 清遠雞 cing1 jyun5 gai1
Kamei Chicken 嘉美雞 gaa1 mei5 gai1


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