Food 食物

Hong Kong is not only a shopping paradise, but also a food paradise.  You can find different cuisines in Hong Kong.

  • Cantonese cuisine 廣東菜 – gwong2 dung1 coi3
  • Shanghaiese cuisine 上海菜 – soeng6 hoi2 coi3
  • Pekingese cuisine 北京菜 – bak1 ging1 coi3
  • Sichuanese cuisine 四川菜 – sei3 cyun1 coi3
  • ….
  • Japanese cuisine 日本菜 – jat6 bun2 coi3
  • Korean cuisine 韓國菜 – hon4 gwok3 coi3
  • Vietnamese cuisine 越南菜 jyut6 naam4 coi3
  • Thai cuisine 泰國菜 taai3 gwok3 coi3
  • French cuisine 法國菜 – faat3 gwok3 coi3
  • Italian cuisine 意大利菜 – ji3 daai6 lei6 coi3
  • ….

You can even have buffet in a nice hotel.Food - Buffet

The video will teach you how to say some common foods in Cantonese.

Food 食物

Go to McDonalds’ video


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