Fresh water fish

We will continue the series of “how to say it in Cantonese”.  This time we will talk about the names of fresh water fish.

Again the information is abstracted  from the food database built by the Association For Hong Kong Catering Services Management Ltd.  It categorized the food into different sorts – sea fish, meat, vegetable and etc.

There are no related photos in this post, but you can find the photos by clicking the Chinese characters which are linked to the database.

Fresh water fish 河鮮類 ho4 sin1 leoi6
Whip stingray 赤魟 cek3 hung4
Chinese sturgeon 鱘魚 cam4 jyu2
Mississippi paddlefish 匙吻鱘 si4 man5 cam4
Japanese eel 白鱔 baak6 sin5
Milkfish 虱目魚 sat1 muk6 jyu2
Bighead carp 花鰱 faa1 lin4
Goldfish 鯽魚 zik1/zak1 jyu2
Mud carp 鯪魚 leng4 jyu2
Grass carp 鯇魚 waan5 jyu2
Common carp 鯉魚 lei5 jyu2
Silver carp 白鰱 baak6 lin4
Wuchang bream 團頭魴 tyun4 tau4 fong4
Black carp 青魚 ceng1 jyu2
Pond loach 泥鰍 nai4 cau1
Pirapatinga 淡水白鯧 taam5 seoi2 baak6 coeng1
Amur catfish 鯰魚 nim4 jyu2
Hong Kong catfish 塘虱 tong4 sat1
Yellow cartfish 黃顙魚 wong4 song2 jyu2
Ayu sweetfish 香魚 hoeng1 jyu2
Atlantic salmon 三文魚 saam1 man4 jyu2
Rainbow trout 虹鱒 hung4 zyun6
Asian swamp eel 黃鱔 wong4 sin5
Mandarin fish 桂花鱸/桂花魚 gwai3 faa1 lou4 / gwai3 faa1 jyu2
Largemouth black bass 黑鱸 hak1 lou4
Redbelly tilapia 福壽魚 fuk1 sau6 jyu2
Four-eyed sleeper 筍殼 seon2 hok3
Blotched snakehead 生魚 saang1 jyu2
Small snakehead 山斑 saan1 baan1
Jade Perch 寶石魚 bou2 sek6 jyu2



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