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Last year, when I started the facebook page, one of my subscribers told me that he loved Chinese Kung Fu.  I promised him I would make a video about Kung Fus Cantonese, but up to now, I have no idea how I can make it interesting.  Due to license issue, I cant use copyright videos in my channel and if just teaching Cantonese, I dont need to make a video.

Therefore, I will introduce some words of the Kung Fu manual “圖解詠春拳” (tou4 gaai2 wing6 ceon1 kyun4) in this post.  The ebook I found in a facebook page.  This book was originally written by a student of Bruce Lee and then Bruce Lee revised it.  Hope that you are interested in this book.

There is a download link of the ebook at the end of the facebook post.


李小龍 (lei5 siu2 lung4) Bruce Lee 校訂 (gaau3 deng6) revised

李運 (lei5 wan6) Lee Wan 原著 (jyun4 zyu3) originally written by 

李紹昌 (lei5 siu6 coeng1) Lee Siu Cheung 編譯 (pin1 jik6) Edited


北派 (bak1 paai1) – 詠春 (wing6 ceon1),八卦 (baat3 gwaa3),螳螂 (tong4 long4),鷹爪 (jing1 zaau2),形意 (jing4 ji3),譚腿 (taam4 teoi2),猴拳 (hau4 kyun4) 

North Style – Wing Chun, Eight Trigrams, Mantis, Eagle Claw, Xíngyì, Tán Tuǐ, Monkey Fist

南派 (naam4 paai1) – 白鶴 (baak6 hok2/hok6),洪拳 (hung4 kyun4),蔡李佛 (coi3 lei5 fat6)

South Style –  White Crane, Hung Kuen, Choy Lee Fut


拳術與陰陽 (kyun4 seot6 jyu5 jam1 joeng4) The Yin and The Yang

詠春小史 (wing6 ceon1 siu2 si2) A brief history of Wing Chun

詠春樁法 (wing6 ceon1 zong1 faat3) Stance

中線原理 (zung1 sin3 jyun4 lei5) The Principle of Middle Line

不動肘 (bat1 dung6 zaau2) Immovable Elbow

擋法之四門 (dong2 faat3 zi1 sei3 mun4) Four Corners

動作之精簡 ((dung6 zok3 zi1 zing1 gaan2) Economy of Movement

對敵之位置 (deoi3 dik6 zi1 wai6 zi3) Theory of Facing

運步法 (wan6 bou6 faat3) Footwork

小念頭 (siu2 nim6 tau4) – This is the most basic “pattern” of Wing Chun.

直拳與標指 (zik6 kyun4 jyu5 biu1 zi2) Straight Punch and Finger Jab

腳法 (goek3 faat3) Kicks

連打帶消 (lin4 daa2 daai3 siu1) Attack and Defense

黐手 (ci1 sau2) Chi Sao

封手 (fung1 sau2) (??)

反擊 (faan2 gik1) Parries

內門擋法 (noi6 mun4 dong2 faat3) Defending Inside

外門擋法 (ngoi6 mun4 dong2 faat3) Defending Outside

內門打法與外門打法 (noi6 mun4 daa2 faat3 jyu5 ngoi6 mun4 daa2 faat3) Attack Inside and Attack Outside

詠春之鍛練(煉/鍊)法 (wing6 ceon1 zi1 dyun3 lin6 faat3) Training Methods of Wing Chun

伏手練習法 (fuk6 sau2 lin6 zaap6 faat3) (??)

橋之鍛煉法 (kiu4 zi1 dyun3 lin6 faat3) Bridge Exercises

直拳練習法 (zik6 kyun4 lin6 zaap6 faat3) Punching Exercises


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