Practical Cantonese 10 – 穿煲

穿煲 (cyun1 bou1):a lie or a secret plan is disclosed (accidentally and unintentionally)

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Practical Cantonese 9 – 度叔

度叔 (dok6 suk1):good at calculation and spending money to a certain extend, unwilling to spend money on others; stingy

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Practical Cantonese 8 – 度橋

度橋 (dok6 kiu2):make a plan

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Sea fish

Why not no “How to survive” series for a long time?

I have been thinking of continuing the series “How to survive in Hong Kong Wet Market” for a long time, but there were a lot of difficulties.  It is hard to find photos in various kinds of seafood, meat and other foods.  Copyright of photos is another issue to prevent it happen.  Making video without good photos cannot be achieved!

Recently, I found a website of food database built by the Association For Hong Kong Catering Services Management Ltd.  It categorized the food into different sorts – sea fish, meat, vegetable and etc.  Then I started thinking of changing my target from making videos to writing posts. Continue reading “Sea fish”

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Kung Fu

Last year, when I started the facebook page, one of my subscribers told me that he loved Chinese Kung Fu.  I promised him I would make a video about Kung Fus Cantonese, but up to now, I have no idea how I can make it interesting.  Due to license issue, I cant use copyright videos in my channel and if just teaching Cantonese, I dont need to make a video.

Therefore, I will introduce some words of the Kung Fu manual “圖解詠春拳” (tou4 gaai2 wing6 ceon1 kyun4) in this post.  The ebook I found in a facebook page.  This book was originally written by a student of Bruce Lee and then Bruce Lee revised it.  Hope that you are interested in this book.

There is a download link of the ebook at the end of the facebook post.

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