In this post, we will talk about the names of different kinds of livestock we can find in the wet market.  Surely not including dog meat, it is a forbidden food in Hong Kong. 🙂

In Chinese culture, we eat all kind of meat, for example pork, beef and lamb.  The most popular one is pork, for we can cook it in various ways.  We use different part of pork to cook different dishes according to the pork’s texture.   For the bone, we cook soup with vegetable or Chinese medicine.

The information is abstracted  from the food database built by the Association For Hong Kong Catering Services Management Ltd.  It categorized the food into different sorts – sea fish, meat (livestock), vegetable and etc.

There are no related photos in this post, but you can find the photos by clicking the Chinese characters which are linked to the database.

Meat 肉 類 juk6   leoi6
Ham, Leg cuts 豬髀肉 zyu1 bei2 juk6
Pork Belly 豬腩肉/五花肉/五花腩 zyu1 naam5 juk6 / ng5 faa1 juk6 / ng5 faa1 naam5
Pork Jowl 豬頸肉 zyu1 geng2 juk6
Pork Collar-butt 梅頭肉 mui4 tau2 juk6
Tenderloin/Pork Fillet 豬柳 zyu1 lau5
Pork Shoulder, picnic 豬踭肉/不見天 zyu1 zaang1 juk6 / bat1 gin3 tin1
Pork Shank 豬𦟌 zyu1 zin2
Pork Spareribs 排骨 paai4 gwat1
Pork Neckbone 唐排 tong4 paai2
Pork Back ribs/Loin ribs/Spareribs 腩排/金沙骨/肉排 naam5 paai2 / gam1 saa1 gwat1 / juk6 paai2
Pork Loin 豬扒 zyu1 paa2
Pig’s Hock 豬手蹄 zyu1 sau2 tai4
Pig’s Tongue 豬舌/豬脷 zyu1 sit3 / zyu1 lei6
Pig’s Skin, Pigskin 豬皮 zyu1 pei4
Pig’s Ear 豬耳 zyu1 ji5
Pig’s Feet 豬腳 zyu1 goek3
Pig’s Stomach 豬肚 zyu1 tou5
Beef Chuck & Blade 肥牛肉 fei4 ngau4 juk6
Rib Eye Roll, Rib Eye 肉眼 juk6 ngaan5
Beef Gluteal, Rump steak 牛臀肉 ngau4 tyun4 juk6
Beef Shoulder Chops 牛肩肉 ngau4 gin1 juk6
Beef Shank 牛𦟌 ngau4 zin2
eef Brisket Point End, Deckle-off 牛腩 ngau4 naam5
Tenderloin, Tenderloin Steak 牛柳 ngau4 lau5
Strip Loin, Sirloin, Strip Loin Steak 西冷 sai1 laang1
Ox-Tongue 牛脷 ngau4 lei6
Ox-Tail 牛尾 ngau4 mei5
Cowhells, Beef Tendon 牛筋/牛蹄筋/牛孖筋 ngau4 gan1 / ngau4 tai4 gan1 / ngau4 maa1 gan1
Lamb Rack 羊排/羊扒 joeng4 paai2 / joeng4 paa2
Lamb Foreshank 羊前腿肉 joeng4 cin4 teoi2 juk6
Lamb hind leg, Lamb leg-chump on 羊後腿肉 joeng4 hau6 teoi2 juk6
Roasted Piglet 燒乳豬 siu1 jyu5 zyu1
Roasted Pig 燒豬 siu1 zyu1
Barbecued Pork 叉燒 caa1 siu1
Pork 豬肉 zyu1 juk6
Beef 牛肉 ngau4 juk6
Lamp, Mutton, Goat 羊肉 joeng4 juk6


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