Multiplication Table – Pi song 乘數表,Pi 歌

There is another way to practice reading numbers in Cantonese.  It is to memorize the multiplication table.  As I said in the video, it is a secret of why Chinese people calculate so fast.   If you are familiar with  the table, you can treat multiplication as addition.

For example, 87*56, you can treat it as addition of 350+4000+42+480.

Multiplication e.g.

Multiplication Table in Cantonese 乘數表

This is a song I composed after watching a Thai movie.  Speaking Cantonese is just like singing a song.  I matched the “tone” of numbers with the musical notes.  Then it became a song.  Although the song’s melody is not good, up to now (almost a year) when I sing this song, I can still remember all the 53 decimal numbers of Pi, 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399 37510582 …..

Pi song


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