Chinese Characters (Numbers 數字)

When learning a new language, we probably learn the numbers first, for we can actually use the numbers when we go shopping.  For Cantonese, we have another important reason to learn numbers first.  If we can speak the right tones of the numbers (3-9-4-0-5-2-7-8-6), we are probably able to master the “tone” system of Cantonese.

The following three videos are related to numbers in Cantonese. 一二三四五 (Numbers 1-5)

六七八九十 (Numbers 6-10)

零百千萬億兆 (Zero and large numbers)

You can also learn “Numbers” in Cantonese by singing these two Number songs.

Numbers 數字歌

This video is from “”

Numbers 數字人生

This video is from “”


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