Practical Cantonese 10 – 穿煲

穿煲 (cyun1 bou1):a lie or a secret plan is disclosed (accidentally and unintentionally)

A: Dude, I got caught out by my wife!(唉,我斷正俾我老婆呀!)

aai3 ,ngo5 tyun5 zeng3 bei2 ngo5 lou5 po4 aa3 !

B: She caught you doing what?(佢捉到你乜嘢呀?)

keoi5 zuk1 dou3 nei5 di1 mat1 je5 aa3 ?

A: She caught me in a lie.(我大話穿咗煲囉。)

ngo5 daai6 waa6 cyun1 zo2 bou1 lo1 。

B: You get caught out lying about what?(你穿咗乜嘢煲吖?)

nei5 cyun1 zo2 mat1 je5 bou1 aa1 ?

  • 老婆 means wife.  It is a casual calling. 
  • The common meaning of 捉 is “catch”.
  • 斷正 is similar to 穿煲, but it is used passively and normally use with the character 俾 (by). 穿煲 is past tense of 穿煲. 穿咗乜嘢煲 is a question for asking what.
  • 斷正俾…=caught by someone

A: She caught me out lying about the cost of the present I bought her.(佢發現我畀佢份禮物價錢同我講嘅唔同囉。)

keoi5 faat3 jin6 ngo5 maai5 bei2 keoi5 fan6 lai5 mat6 ge3 gaa3 cin4 tung4 ngo5 gong2 ge3 m4 tung4 lo1 。

B: So you bought something inferior and got busted?(所以你買咗次貨呃佢,但就斷正?)

so2 ji5 nei5 maai5 zo2 di1 ci3 fo3 aak1 keoi5 ,daan6 zau6 tyun5 zeng3 ?

A: No, I bought an authentic designer handbag and told her it’s a fake, but she busted me lying.(唔係,係我買咗個名牌然後呃佢係平嘢,但就穿咗煲。)

m4 hai6 aa3 ,hai6 ngo5 maai5 zo2 go3 ming4 paai4 doi2 jin4 hau6 aak1 keoi5 hai6 peng4 je5 ,daan6 zau6 cyun1 zo2 bou1 。

  • 份 is the quantifier of present
  • 價錢同我講嘅唔同=the cost is different from what I said
  • 平嘢=cheaper stuff;fake=冒牌貨 (mou6 paai4 fo3)
  • 呃 means lie, cheat or deceive

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