Practical Cantonese 11 – 執笠

執笠 (zap1 lap1):a shop closes down


deoi3 min6 gaan1 zau2 lau4 zap1 zo2 lap1 aa3!

The restaurant on the opposite side closed down!


keoi5 m4 hai6 zap1 lap1 aa3 ,bun1 zo2 zi1 maa3 。

It didn’t close down. It just moved!

In Cantonese, when we express a past action, we add a single character 咗 after the verb with one character.

e.g.  食 – eat,食咗 – ate

  去 – go,去咗 – went

For the verb with two characters, we sometimes (not always, it depends on which verb )insert the character between the verb.

e.g.  執笠 – close down,執咗笠 – closed down


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