Practical Cantonese 2 – 出術

出術 (ceot1 seot6): cheating in a game / gambling …

出貓 (ceot1 maau1): cheating in an exam

出千 (ceot1 cin1): cheating in gambling


keoi5 ceot1 seot6 ,so2 ji5 waan2 jau4 hei3 ging1 soeng4 jeng4 ceot1 。

He cheats so often wins when playing games.


keoi5 ping4 si4 m4 wan1 syu1 ,haau2 si3 zau6 ceot1 maau1 。

He never revises, and cheats in exam.


keoi5 bei2 jan4 faat3 gok3 hai2 dou2 coeng4 ceot1 cin1 。

He was found cheating in casino.


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