Practical Cantonese 5 – 計仔

計/計仔 (gai2 / gai2 zai2):a plan or an idea. (spoken form, very casual) 🤔

Normally, we pronounce 計 as gai3, but here we pronounce in different tone.


jiu3 lam2 haa5 gai2 zai2 sin1 zi3 dak1 aa3 ,di1 gung1 fo3 zou6 gik6 dou1 zou6 m4 jyun4 ge2 !

Have to have a “plan” first, for there are endless homework.

( 諗=think;plan -> ask for someone’s help; or copy other’s homework …. it may be not a good way! )


jyun4 cyun4 mou5 gai2 !keoi5 go3 jan4 gam3 gu1 hon4 ,soeng2 keoi5 ceng2 ngo5 dei6 sik6 faan6 zan1 hai6 mou5 ho2 nang4 gaa3 。

Completely have no ideas! He is very stingy. It is impossible to ask him buying us a meal. (It implies the speaker tried to ask many times.)


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