Practical Cantonese 9 – 度叔

度叔 (dok6 suk1):good at calculation and spending money to a certain extend, unwilling to spend money on others; stingy


jyun4 cyun4 mou5 gai2 !keoi5 go3 jan4 gam3 dok6 suk1 ,soeng2 keoi5 ceng2 ngo5 dei6 sik6 faan6 zan1 hai6 mou5 ho2 nang4 gaa3 。

Completely have no ideas! He is very stingy. It is impossible to ask him buying us a meal.  (It implies the speaker tried many times to ask.)

度叔 is very similar to another word 孤寒 (gu1 hon4). 


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