Questions 問題

Question plays a very important role in our languages, for it can introduce two-way communication between people.  If language is only in one way like radio broadcasting, we will not have a real communication at all.  It can also stimulate people thinking.  Every knowledge is built and accumulated by asking a series of questions.  For new language learners, if you know how to ask, you will not only learn the language faster, but also you can get into the depth of culture.

In the following video, I will teach you the most basic question word “What” (乜嘢) and then you will know how to ask “Time” and “Date”.

What, What time and When

Then I will teach you one single question word “Where” (邊度) in the second video.


After that, three more question words “Which” (邊個/隻 … ),  “Who” (邊個/邊位) and “Whose” (邊個嘅) will be taught in the third video

Which, Who and Whose

In the fourth video, I will teach you how to use “Why” (點解), “How” (點樣), “How much / How many” (幾多) and other “How ….” in Cantonese.

Why, How, How much, How many …..

The final video of this series will teach you the closed questions “Is he” (佢係咪), “Did he” (佢有冇做), “Can he” (佢能唔能夠), “Will he” (佢會唔會), “Has he” (佢做咗/完未) ⋯⋯.

Closed Questions


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