You may know China government is controlling and persecuting the religions in mainland China from newspaper.  Or you may query that if it happens in Hong Kong too.  I can reply you that religious freedom is one of the fundamental rights enjoyed by Hong Kong residents.  Hong Kong is still alright under the protection of the Basic Law and other relevant legislation.  

Therefore, I can share how to say the religious words in Cantonese in this post 🙂 .  Due to the colonial and Chinese society background, you can find different religions in Hong Kong.  They are mainly Christianity, Buddhism and Taoism, but we still have some people believing other religions. 

Religion and Faith 宗教及信仰 zung1 gaau3 kap6 seon3 joeng5
Prayer 祈禱 kei4 tou2
Mass 彌撒 mei4/nei4 saat3
Worship 崇拜 sung4 baai3
Buddhism 佛教 fat6 gaau3
Hinayana 小乘佛教 siu2 sing4 fat6 gaau3
Mahayana 大乘佛教 daai6 sing4 fat6 gaau3
Buddha 佛祖/佛陀 fat6 zou2 / fat6 to4
Śākyamuni 釋迦牟尼 sik1 gaa1 mau4 nei4
Buddhist monastery /Temple 佛寺 fat6 zi6 / zi2
Buddhist Scriptures 佛經 fat6 ging1
Buddhist 佛教徒 fat6 gaau3 tou4
Christianity 基督教 gei1 duk1 gaau3
Catholic 天主教 tin1 zyu2 gaau3
Protestant (基督)新教 (gei1 duk1 )san1 gaau3
God 上帝/神 soeng6 dai3 / san4
Lord 主/天主 zyu2 / tin1 zyu2
Jesus 耶穌 je4 sou1
Church 教會 gaau3 wui2
Church / Chapel / Cathedral 教堂 gaau3 tong4 / tong2
Bible 聖經 sing3 ging1
Christian 基督徒 gei1 duk1 tou4
Hinduism 印度教 jan3 dou6 gaau3
Hindu Temple 印度教廟 jan3 dou6 gaau3 miu6 / miu2
Hindu 印度教徒 jan3 dou6 gaau3 tou4
Islam 伊斯蘭教/回教 ji1 si1 laan4 gaau3 / wui4 gaau3
Sunni 遜尼派 seon3 nei4 paai3
Shia 什葉派 sap6 jip6 paai3
Sufism 蘇非主義 sou1 fei1 zyu2 ji6
Allah 真主 zan1 zyu2
Muhammad 穆罕默德 muk6 hon2 mak6 dak1
Mosque 清真寺 cing1 zan1 zi6 / zi2
Quran 可蘭經 ho2 laan4 ging1
Muslim 穆斯林/伊斯蘭教徒/回教徒 muk6 si1 lam4 / ji1 si1 laan4 gaau3 tou4 / wui4 gaau3 tou4
Judaism 猶太教 jau4 taai3 gaau3
Synagogues 猶太會堂 jau4 taai3 wui2 tong4
Judaist 猶太教徒 jau4 taai3 gaau3 tou4
Sikhism 錫克教 sek3 hak1 gaau3
Sikh temples 錫克教廟 sek3 hak1 gaau3 miu6 / miu2
Sikh 錫克教徒 sek3 hak1 gaau3 tou4
Taoism 道教 dou6 gaau3
Taoist temple 道觀 dou6 gun3
Taoist 道教信徒 dou6 gaau3 seon3 tou4


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