Sea fish

Why not no “How to survive” series for a long time?

I have been thinking of continuing the series “How to survive in Hong Kong Wet Market” for a long time, but there were a lot of difficulties.  It is hard to find photos in various kinds of seafood, meat and other foods.  Copyright of photos is another issue to prevent it happen.  Making video without good photos cannot be achieved!

Recently, I found a website of food database built by the Association For Hong Kong Catering Services Management Ltd.  It categorized the food into different sorts – sea fish, meat, vegetable and etc.  Then I started thinking of changing my target from making videos to writing posts.

I will start with “sea fish” in this post.

Sorry that there are no related photos in this post, but you can click the Chinese characters which are linked with the photos of the database.

Sea fish 海魚類 hoi2 jyu4 leoi6
Richardson’s moray 花𩺬 faa1 zeoi1
Conger-pike eel 門鱔 mun4 sin5
Bombay-duck 狗肚 gau2 tou5
Flathead grey mulle 烏頭 wu1 tau2
Stonefish 石頭魚 sek6 tau4 jyu2
Barramundi 盲鰽 maang4 cou4
Japanese seabass 鱸魚 lou4 jyu2
Green grouper 青斑 ceng1 baan1
Tiger grouper 老虎斑 lou5 fu2 baan1
Giant grouper 龍躉 lung4 dan2
Leopard coral trout 東星斑 dung1 sing1 baan1
Big eye 木綿/大眼雞 muk6 min4 / daai6 ngaan5 gai1
Purple amberjack 章雄 zoeng1 hung4
Japanese amberjack 油甘 jau4 gam1
Snubnose pompano 黃鱲䱽 wong4 laap6 coeng1
Mangrove red snapper 紅友 hung4 jau2/jau5

Russell’s snapper 火點 fo2 dim2
Trout sweetlips 細鱗 sai3 leon4
Golden threadfin bream 紅衫魚 hung4 saam1 jyu2
Yellowfin seabream 黃腳鱲 wong4 goek3 laap3
Blackhead seabream 黑鱲 hak1 laap6
Fourfinger threadfin 馬友 maa5 jau5
Large yellow croaker 黃花魚 wong4 faa1 jyu2
Green wrasse 青衣 ceng1/cing1 ji1
Rabbitfish 泥鯭 nai4 maang1
Narrow-barred Spanish mackerel 泥鮫 nai4 gaau1
Chinese silver pomfret 鷹䱽 jing1 coeng1
Silver pomfret 燕䱽 jin3 coeng1
Indian halibut 左口魚 zo2 hau2 jyu2
Turbot 多寶魚 do1 bou2 jyu2
Macao sole 方脷 fong1 lei6
Fourlined tongueso 龍脷 lung4 lei6
Fan-bellied leatherjacket 沙鯭 saa1 maang1
Unicorn leather jacket 剝皮魚 mok1 pei4 jyu2


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