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In the previous video, I gave some conservation examples in wet market.  A subscriber asked me if I can make a video for shopping in supermarket or shop, for she doesn’t understand what the cashier and salesman say.  I am quite busy in recent days so I can only write this article to give some common examples.

Shopping at a Shop

1. 歡迎光臨 (fun1 jing4 gwong1 lam4) = Welcome

2. 請隨便睇 (cing2 ceoi4 bin2 tai2) = Please take your time to browse around our store

3. 你有冇儲(積)分呀? (nei5 jau5 mou5 cou5 zik1 fan1 aa3?) = Do you collect points?
Members can collect points upon any purchase, which can be used to redeem special gifts (or cash discount).

4. 有呀 / 冇呀 (jau5 aa3 / mou5 aa3) = Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.

5. 你係咪會員呀? (nei5 hai6 mai6 wui2 jyun4 aa3?) = Are you our member?

6. 係呀 / 唔係呀 (hai6 aa3 / m4 hai6 aa3) = = Yes, I am. / No, I am not.

7. 點樣可以做會員呀? (dim2 joeng2 ho2 ji5 zou6 wui2 jyun4 aa3?) = How to apply the membership?

8. 上網登記就得㗎喇。 (soeng5 mong5 dang1 gei3 zau6 dak1 gaa3 laa3。) = You can register on our website.

9. 買滿 (A) 蚊就有 (B) 送。 (maai5 mun5 A man1 zau6 jau5 B sung3。) = Gives you (B) for every (A) purchase.
For example,
買滿一百蚊就有禮品送。 (maai5 mun5 jat1 baak3 man1 zau6 jau5 lai5 ban2 sung3 。) = Gives you a gift for every $100 purchase.

10. 買一送一 / 買二送一 (maai5 jat1 sung3 jat1 / maai5 ji6 sung3 jat1) = Buy one get one free. Buy two get one free.

11. 折扣 / 八折 / 七折 / 特價商品 (zit3 kau3 / baat3 zit3 / cat1 zit3 / dak6 gaa3 soeng1 ban2) = Discount / 20% off / 30% off / Bargain

12. 有冇送貨服務呀?(jau5 mou5 sung3 fo3 fuk6 mou6 aa3?) = Do your shop/company have delivery service?

13. 有呀 / 冇呀 (jau5 aa3 / mou5 aa3) = Yes, we have. / No, we don’t have.

14. 送貨係咪免費呀?(sung3 fo3 hai6 mai3 min5 fai3 aa3?) = Is it free delivery service?

15. 係呀 / 唔係呀 (hai6 aa3 / m4 hai6 aa3) = = Yes, it is. / No, it is not.

16. 多謝光臨,下次再蒞吖。 (do1 ze6 gwong1 lam4 ,haa6 ci3 zoi3 lei4 aa1。) = Thank you for coming. Hope to see you soon (please come next time).


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