Kung Fu

Last year, when I started the facebook page, one of my subscribers told me that he loved Chinese Kung Fu.  I promised him I would make a video about Kung Fus Cantonese, but up to now, I have no idea how I can make it interesting.  Due to license issue, I cant use copyright videos in my channel and if just teaching Cantonese, I dont need to make a video.

Therefore, I will introduce some words of the Kung Fu manual “圖解詠春拳” (tou4 gaai2 wing6 ceon1 kyun4) in this post.  The ebook I found in a facebook page.  This book was originally written by a student of Bruce Lee and then Bruce Lee revised it.  Hope that you are interested in this book.

There is a download link of the ebook at the end of the facebook post.

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