Practical Cantonese 11 – 執笠

執笠 (zap1 lap1):a shop closes down

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Practical Cantonese 10 – 穿煲

穿煲 (cyun1 bou1):a lie or a secret plan is disclosed (accidentally and unintentionally)

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Practical Cantonese 9 – 度叔

度叔 (dok6 suk1):good at calculation and spending money to a certain extend, unwilling to spend money on others; stingy

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Practical Cantonese 2 – 出術

出術 (ceot1 seot6): cheating in a game / gambling …

出貓 (ceot1 maau1): cheating in an exam

出千 (ceot1 cin1): cheating in gambling

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