Chinese Character (Animals 動物)

Few posts before, the twelve animals of Chinese Zodiac were introduced.  This time I would like to teach you some other basic characters of animal.

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Chinese Zodiac 十二生肖

You may know that there is a  year cycle of Chinese year. It is related to Chinese Zodiac or 12 Zodiac animals.  The animals in the year order are Rat 鼠, Ox 牛, Tiger 虎, Hare 兔, Dragon 龍, Snake 蛇, Horse 馬, Goat 羊, Monkey 猴, Rooster 雞, Dog 狗 and Boar 豬.  After finishing one cycle, the next year will start another cycle.  This year (2018) is “Dog” year.  Next year (2019) is “”Boar” year and the year of  2020 will return to “Rat”.

I found a video “Story of the Chinese Zodiac” on YouTube .  If you are interested in it, you can click in and take a look.

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