Teaching Philosophy

We believe that knowledge belongs to everyone.  We are so thankful for the invention of internet as well as the technologies that help us to reach every knowledge.  Nowadays, we are just a click away in getting what we want.

Time is truly precious for everyone.  This high speed era is a proof that everyone wants to obtain knowledge in the shortest time.  Therefore, we strive to produce clear, precise, straight to the point learning materials that enables you to learn the language in the shortest time.  Note that most of our videos take only up to 5 minutes with a few exceptions of some longer videos for those who have more time to spare.

Some subscribers shared that there are not many online Cantonese learning materials in English.  I think the reason is that Cantonese, unlike some other languages that have a well-organized syllabus, different channels/websites have their different approaches to teach the language!  You may ask what my teaching philosophy is.  Frankly speaking, as I am not a fast learner and sometimes finds it difficult  to understand what the book or teacher teach, I find it easier to learn by examples.  Concise and straight to the point examples can help me to form a clear picture of the knowledge.  Therefore, I will do the same way of teaching by giving examples.

Learning a language is like knitting a net.  The smaller the net holes are, the better the coverage is.  Vocabulary is the key to make the net holes smaller.  If learning Chinese and Cantonese, there is another key – Chinese character (Traditional one, not simplified one).  Some experts says if you master 2000-3000 common Chinese characters, you can read most of the Chinese articles.  Every Chinese/Cantonese learners cannot skip this tedious job!

A language learning expert gave us two hints – “to learn what we actually/commonly speak” (make our own vocabulary book) and “to find some native speakers to practice”.  I agree that it works because we will never get bored, and they will deepen our interest and knowledge.  The hints may be a shortcut and a learning motivation for every new language learners .

Hope these videos and materials will help you on your journey to mastering this ancient yet fun language.  Enjoy the journey!