Wet Market 街市

Wet market is one of the attractive to the foreigners.  They may be very interested in how people kill chicken, how to cut pork and beef into pieces (so bloody…).  For us, it is our food centre.  We can shop fresh foods there.  Before buying, we always look around to check which shop’s food is cheaper and fresher.  Sometimes we can even ask for cheaper.

Nowadays, there are many supermarkets in Hong Kong.  Maybe some days later, supermarkets will totally replace wet markets.  I hope I will not see of it in the rest of my life.  I love wet market!

A website introduces some good markets you can visit.

We may look for if any new videos in this series.  I am thinking to make video(s) for meat and seafood for long time, but still looking for pictures.  I don’t know if you are ok with the bloody pictures!


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